Beauty Luxury: About us

Beauty Luxury is the new frontier of luxury at low cost wellness and relaxation.

Beauty Luxury realized for years spas, pools for swimming, whirlpool, Finnish saunas and infrared, turkish bath, indoor and outdoor ... an innovative craftsmanship, tailored, with ad-hoc exclusive realizations, which today is enriched by the new generation of products dedicated to your pets.


BEAUTY LUXURY products are handcrafted in the environment and nature.

Each material is used or worked with products free of harmful additives, in accordance with the regulations.
The Beauty Luxury products have European Certificate (CE).

Our main strength is quality/price.
BEAUTY LUXURY distributes the products directly through a targeted business. Reducing costs of production and promotion, dedicating resources to the presence on the Internet rather than the creation of showrooms that could not be comprehensive and updated, we can offer you prices that may seem staggering. But they are real: BEAUTY LUXURY with your relaxation can cost much less than the prices of the "traditional" market.
We are a happily settled in Italy and Europe, with many satisfied customers!


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